The Story,

It was the first day of school, summer has already ended and I went to see my closest friends (Marisa Buzón,  Alejandro Palma and Ale Usa), I was looking forward to see them because I hadn’t seen them since the summer started. We listened that there was a new English teacher in the school so we started talking about him. The bell rung and we went to the class. Suddenly he appeared into the class. He wasn’t tall at all, he had black hair and black eyes too. He was wearing a blue shirt with matching jeans and also black sneakers. He looked so nervous. His name was David and we knew he had had a strange romantic past with Rebeca who is another teacher. The story is that when they were a couple Rebeca fell in love with another man so David was really angry with her. Now, the whole school know the story of both and we suppose that David wants revenge on Rebeca for what happened.

Later we saw Rebeca and she looked like very uncomfortable because of David, in addition she looked like afraid of what David could do to her.

Next day we had class with Mr David, we liked he, he looked to be an inexperienced teacher but it was good at English.

Few weeks passed, and one day we were having class with Don Manuel and suddenly Rebeca appeared and told us, with a strange expression on her face, that there wasn’t school that day. We were so surprised but we weren’t going to dispute about that decision. We tried to know why that day there wasn’t class but finally on our way back home we found out that the police were coming to school that morning to solve a crime that lately, we discovered that was Mr David’s murder!

We continued our daily life but with a little bit of fear because of what has just happened. The next day, Rebeca was absent at school and everybody were gossiping that she was accused as the murderer. People thought that she was the murderer because of her past with Mr David. She was arrested by the police.

Some hours later we were in the playground, Alejandro was playing football and Usa Marisa and me realise that because of the murder, the school gym was closed. So we called Alejandro to find what was happening there because, as all the school know, we were very curious. Once there, we saw Angelita, the school cleaner. She is the most important cleaner at school. She has been working there for 20 years. We were hidden behind a wood table so she wouldn’t see us while she was cleaning the crime scene, there was blood in the wall of the gym and in the floor there was a hammer with more blood, we were very scared. Then, Agustín came into the room and started shouting at her, as she was deleting clues. He told her that the police could think that she was the murderer. That made us think that she was the real murderer instead of Rebeca.

The next day, after thinking a lot about it, we decided to tell the police what we had seen. Surprisingly, the police confessed us that it was impossible that Angelita was the murderer because she has just been killed that morning. So we got shocked about that because now there were two crimes instead of one! We were really scared.

Finally we realise that there was another murder at school, so the situation wasn’t safe for the students and the school was closed.

One morning, I invited my friends to come to my house so we could investigate more and find out who was the murderer. We stayed in my house for 10 hours trying to find something that can help us and We had been thinking for hours about who is the real murder, and why Mr David and Angelita had been murdered. What was the relation of those person? What was the motive of the murder?

Suddenly Marisa remembered that she had seen Mr Manuel arguing with Angelita before she were killed because she had broken one of his chemistry sets. As a student, I could say that the whole school know how Mr Manuel becomes easily really angry. We decided to interview Mr Manuel by our own and we found out that the police has discovered Angelita’s blood in the material of Agustin. Now, the reaction of Agustín with Angelita when she had been cleaning the crime scene, fit. But it was very extrange because we knew that Angelita was a very good friend of Agustín, and they knew each other for a long time. He is the maintenance man at school so he spend most of his time with Angelita at school. But then, what is the reason of his murder? How does he explain the blood of his belongings?

So at that moment we had two murderer suspicious, Mr Manuel and Agustin. Finally Agustín was arrested by the police.

Two months later, we went to Mallorca as a travel with the school and we all had already forgotten everything about the crime. We were having fun and enjoying ourselves. We were always in big parties at the discos of Mallorca. Two days after we arrived to Mallorca, we got up very early because we were going to other hotel and we had breakfast in a bar that was next to the hotel. When suddenly, we saw a men who looked exactly the same as mr David but he had blond hair and a beard. Also he had the same height as Mr David so we started to think about it. Alejandro walked to him to hear his voice and when he said ”mr David!” to him, the blond man changed his face and he got shocked. As soon as Alejandro saw his face the man started to run and all the class realised that this man was Mr David!

So we started to have lots of questions like How is possible that Mr David is alive?

Who is the real murderer?

– David (english teacher)

-Agustin (maintenance man)

-Manuel (chemistry teacher)

Made by, Alejandra, Marisa, Lucia Molina and Alejandro Palma.

Por Palma

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