Pipo´s Case

a story of the shire

In a hole In a ground there lived a hobbit not a nasty dirty, wet hole filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell not yet a dry bare Sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat. It was a hobbit hole and that means comfort.

However In one of said holes there was anything but comfort in the air that day. For there was a hobbit restlessly pacing up and down the main hall. “He should have been here already” he mutters

The Hobbit´s name was fredegar, “Fred” for short.

“Where on earth is Pipo” exclaims. Fred as he grabs his coat and storms out the door. The place he was going to  was the house of his dear friend Pipo, Who he was waiting  for 2 hours. He was anxious because it was unnatural that his friend who valued punctuality above everything, was one minute late, not to mention 2 hours.

As Fred was dashing down the streets of hobbiton, thoughts flooded his mind:

“What if something happened to him.

What if he ran away from home to do a bizarre adventure, like that hobbit whose name I don’t recall.

No it´s impossible he must have forgotten, that´s right, when I get there he will be sitting on the porch smoking on his pipe, and then it will all be resolved.”


As much as Fred desired, his wish did not came true, for his friend was not sitting on his porch. Fred knocked on the door calling out his Pipo´s name seeing that  there was no answer he peeked through the window and saw that the inside was a mess, seeing this Fred took out the spare keys that were hidden under a rock, and without wasting a single moment he barged  in, crying out his friends name, however only silence responded his cries. He then proceeded in searching the house.

There were still remnants of last night´s supper.

“He must have left in a hurry” Fred thought.

There was also some documents Lying around in his study. And one of said documents caught his attention. Fred then took the document which seemed to be a letter and started Reading it:

<<To my old friend Pipo it has been a long time since we have last met and i believe it is time for us to meet again.I plan to introduce you my sister, After the things I told her she´s eager to meet her. I´ll be waiting by the place we met. From your dear friend G.>>

After he finished reading, Fred was left with a lot of questions like who was Pipo friend, where was he, But in the end Fred only muttered “ What have you’ve gotten into this time”

After Reading the letter Fred tidied his study a bit, he then saw something he wished he hadn’t, he saw blood stains on the floor, and then left the house in a hurry and started questioning Pipo´s neighbours who knew nothing thus fred decided to go to ask Pipo´s Grandad who lived very outskirts of hobbiton managing ponies.

As Fred was dashing through the streets with an anxious look on his face, he was already on the outskirts when he suddenly tripped and was sent tumbling down and as he was about to stand up a voice could be heard saying:

“Fredegar why are you in such a hurry, you a mess.” the voice stated.

As Fred lifted his head and brushed the dust of his clothes he saw the person who was talking to him. I was Pipo´s Grandad who was wearing his overalls and a bandages tained in blood covering.

Fred asked about the bandage it appeared he had cut himself while cooking  then told him every thing his hard that had happened a Fred told him about the abandoned home, the letter and the blood stains, and when Fred finished Pipo´s Grandad had a pale complexion and after a moment of silence Pipo´s Grandad ended this silence saying:

“That really is worrisome, if I had know that I wouldn’t have lended that pony”

“What pony?” asked Fred

“He came last night. I asked what was he doing in such a late hour, but he didn’t answer instead he was asking for a pony. I gave him the horse but before I could  ask where he was going. He took of with great haste. I was about to go to your house to ask you if you knew anything.”Replied Pipo´s Grandad.

“In which direction did he go to”


“Great, If it´s not too much trouble could you lend me a Pony too.”

“Certainly, please find him.”

“Don´t worry I Will “said Fred as he mounted his tiny steed and took off.

He rode all day without rest until he got to Bree for a break and to ask if anyone saw Pipo.  Fred then entered  an inn called “the Prancing Pony”. Fred left his pony at the stable, he decided to go get a drink before searching for his friend.

Fred entered the tavern asked for a glass of ale, when he Heard a scream coming from upstairs he rushed to the upper floor he saw a woman and a man with mortified expressions, while looking inside a room.

“What happened” ask Fred

“He´s dead, Pipo´s dead” said the woman with tears in her eyes ”Don’t Cry, hildegard, it’s okay” said the man embracing her.

As for our poor little Fredegar the world shook when he heard what the woman named Hildegard said.

Fred ran towards the door he saw it was Pipo who was laying in a Puddle of blood. Seeing this he fell to his knees crying.

“You knew Pipo?” asked the man

“Aye, he was my friend” replied Fred  

“My name is gerhard and this is my sister hildegard, I was also a friend of his , I sent him a letter to come to bree for a drink, he came last night with a friend of his we don’t remember who he was we were very drunk this morning he was nowhere to be seen but he told the Innkeeper Pipo wasn’t feeling well. They day passed.  And we didn’t hear nothing from Pipo. So we decided to take supper to him when we no tied the door was´nt lock so we opened it only to see this.”

Fred calmed down and said “Thank you for telling me. My name is fredegar you may call me fred.”

Gerhard and fred entered and investigated the room. There was Pipo´s lifeless Body in a corner of the room with a stab wound in his chest and he was holding a knife in one of his hands a bloody handprint on the doorknob.

“Who could have done this?” asked Gerhard

“I don’t know”replied Hildegard

“I know who it was.” Said Fred

“It was …

  1.        A Suicide
  2.       Gerhard
  3.       Hildegard
  4.       Gerhard & Hildegard
  5.       Pipo´s Grandad
  6.       Pony
  7.       Innkeeper

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