Unexpected death

Mary is a normal girl, she is eighteen years old and she is studying medicine in New York, where she lives with her family.  His mother, named Rachel, is one of the best lawyer of the city, she works for the government and she has her own lawyer’s office. On the other hand, her father, named Tom, works in his own hospital, this is one of the reasons why Mary has decided to study medicine.


It had been a hard day, Mary had done two difficult exams and and she was very tired because she has had to do a lot exercise at the GYM. When she arrived home, she went to the kitchen to drink some water and while she was doing it, she heard a lot of screams. She hurried up to go to the living room. There she saw how her parents were arguing. They have never talked to each other in this way, but nowadays it was starting to become something usual. Because of this, she decided to have a conversation with her mother:

  – Hi mum!, how are you?

  – I’m fine

  – Are you sure?

  – Yes, why?

 – I’m a bit worry about your relationship with dad… Last two weeks both of you have had a lot arguments.

  – Oh! Honey, it is normal in a couple, you don’t have to agree with your partner in everything, sometimes you have your own opinion about a topic, you believe it and you think it is correct.

  – Okey mum. I’m going to go to my bedroom, I must do my homework, if you need something say it to me please.


Weeks have passed and anything has not changed. The relationship between Mary’s parents has gotten worse. One day she was going back to her house and she found a very seriously argument. Her mother was crying and her father was so overwhelmed that decided to take the car and chill out.

Quickly Mary went with her mother in order to console her. She was so nervous because she did not know what was happening.  

   – MUM, MUM, what have happened? Are you okey?

   – Darling, I want to have a very serious conversation with you. Your father and me have some problems in our relationship. Uff, It is so difficult to explain.

   – Came on mum! I am worry about it!, sorry, I have been so stiff, please, could you tell me the problem in order to be more relaxed?

   – Well, I have been thinking a lot of time that your father was tricking me.

   – But he was lying you? What is the falsehood?

   – Yes, he was unfaithful to me.

   – What? Oh my goodness!

   – Your father has a lover, he has a relationship with another woman.

   – I can not believe it.

   – Yes, this is the sad reality. Because of this, I have decided to get divorced from your father.


Three months later….

Mary was not used to her new situation yet. These months have been a period of time so stressful, she had to see how her mother suffered. Actually it is a very difficult situation. The worse of the worse was that Mary had to meet her father’s new girlfriend named Megan, because they would get married next week, so she would be her stepmother.

Tom doesn’t  feel comfortable and he has decided to call her daughter to invite her to dine with Megan in order to break the difficult situation that has been created. Mary receives with astonishment the invitation, deciding she didn’t feel like going with them, but the affection towards her father makes her to rectify and she decides to go along with them to the dinner to discover what type of person is that Megan, which is going to strain in her life breaking at the same time what she most wanted.  

The day arrived and Mary was very nervous. She didn’t want to go to dinner but she was determined to meet Megan. She didn’t know what type of clothes she should put on. Finally the chose a provocative black dress and fashionable at the same time.

At 10 p.m her father called her telling she was at the door waiting her. Mary went down running up the stairs until she arrived at the door. There she said goodbye to her mother and indecisive she advanced towards the where Megan and her father were.

The first impression made her nervous. Megan had sit in the back seat cede her the meeting’s importance. They arrived at the restaurant and the dinner on the contrary what she expected, it was nice. Megan was funny, witty and completely different from she had thought. When she realized, all of them were at the house’s door five hours later, that had passed quickly. They said goodbye to each other and Mary went into her house when she saw her mother was sleeping in the armchair waiting for her.

– Mom, wake up! we go to bed.

– How has the dinner been?

– It has been better than I expected, but no one never could equal you.

The days was passing and Mary lived her normal life ( the University, her fiends, the GYM… ), she only had one problem, her mother was unhappy, Rachel was very sad, she cried from time to time, did not meet with her fiends like in the past, she always was at home, but Mary hoped that this situation was solved by the time.


Tuesday was a party day, Mary and her mother were alone at home, they were very bored and without any idea to do, but suddenly the doorbell rang. Mary decided to open the door, she found a young man, he was very tall and she had never seen him yet.

– Good morning! Do Rachel and Mary  live here?

– Yes, what would you like?

– My name is Mark, I am Megan’s ex boyfriend. I heard that you know her, I would like to ask you how does she leave at present because I had a love relationship with her and she left our home without having a conversation with me.

– She does not live here, my parents have divorced a little while ago and Megan is going to marry with my father this Sunday.

Mark’s face changed immediately, and he screams so loud that Mary’s neighbours could have heard it.

    -It could not be truth, I have to talk with her in order to stop it!

Quickly, Mark gets on his car and disappear.


Mary went into her house, closed the door and walk to the living room, where she found his mother crying at the sofa.

   -What’s wrong mum?

   -I don’t believe that this situation could happened, your father and me were happy. I will never forgive him, I don’t know if I could live without him!

   -Mum, don’t worry about it, now this problem hasn’t solution. I will neither can forgive him. I will not get used to see him with another women.

The day of the wedding has arrived, Mary took her car and went to Megan’s house, where they arrange to meet in order to see the wedding dress before the ceremony. Megan is like by Mary, but she can put up with the idea of this marriage.

Mary ring the bell and Megan appeared:

  -Go ahead Mary, I’m going to show you my wedding dress!!

  -Okey, perfect! and I would like to drink a toast so that everything come out well.

  -Amazing!, I will get some soft-drinks to the kitchen.

Megan and Mary were both watching the wedding dress, chatting and starting to sip when …

I’m a little hungry, could you get some snack?»

  -Yeah right

Megan went to the kitchen and appears with some nuts. The two of them were stinging, chatting for a few minutes when Mary’s phone rang. Her mother was calling, please asking her to come home to help her. Mary said goodbye to Megan, and got into her car to go home.


The time came for the ceremony, Megan did not appear, everyone was waiting, Mary, Tom, her parents, all her friends, … After an hour, they decided to go to Megan’s house to find out what was wrong, since she did not answer the phone.

Tom pulled out his keys, opened the door, and found Megan’s body in her bedroom with the wedding dress next to it.

 His friends were shouting, Tom was crying hugging his daughter Mary, and his ex-boyfriend shouted in the street «Damn it!» …



                                 Who has killed Megan?





                              -Mark (Megan’s ex)


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