Wayne Stuart: Special agent of the CIA that have worked in the investigations of the 11-s.

Adam Scott: he is a BBC journalist who has been investigating north Korean missions on other countries.

12th june 2018
-In five days.. all the world could be disappeared by a the 3rd world war.
North korea has been doing missile practices for 1 year. ‘ the tension is maximum. Kim Jong Un has been provoking to the United States, Japan and South Korea. And the war is imminent. Civil people are scared about this situation.

Wayne Stuart: I’m Wayne stuart and i’m actually working in the pentagon, Washington D.C., investigating the intelligence services of North Korea since nine months, when the missiles started to fly over the sky of South Korea and Japan. The president Donald Trump has invited me to the white house tomorrow morning at 9:00am. He wants talk to me about this problem, this is a critic moment for the world.

Washington D.C 8 a.m
Wayne Stuart:”It has been a really long day, now i must go to the white house”.
8:50 a.m. Wayne Stuart is near to the white house, he is worried about what the president will tell him.
9:00 a.m: Wayne is in the hall of the white house, and the president asked him to pass, wayne crossed the corridor and he sat down in one of the chairs of the president’s office.
President: Good morning Mr Wayne, i have been waiting for this moment, i need your help, you are both good investigators.
Wayne: Both?
President:Yes Wayne, you will work with one of the best investigators of this nation his name is Adam Scott, he has been working for the BBC for 12 years, he was born in North Korea but with 5 years, EE.UU militars bring him to the country. And he lives here since that moment.

-Suddenly, Adam scott enter in the office.

President: Good morning Mr Adam.
Adam Scott: Good morning president, good morning Mr Wayne.
Wayne:Nice to meet you Adam. So, what should we do?
President: Actually we got a problem, You know the problem with North Korea, Don’t you? In last months, their military power has increased in a 120%, and that’s a problem for the rest of the world, this is not the Cold War, the probability of a nuclear attack from North Korea is extremely high. At their last nuclear test, the missile impacted in japanese’s water.
Adam Scott: So, lets gets started with the mission, no?
President:Yes, our intelligence services has been investigating months. And the data obtained is that North Korea has 1 nuclear missile in the north of the country. I will fly tomorrow morning with the president of south korea to tokyo to have a security council with the G9, you will come with me. We will go in the air force one. Now, you can go to your home and get relax for tomorrow.
Adam: Thank you president.
Wayne: Thank you too president.

7:50 a.m Air force one.

President:Good morning srs.
Wayne and adam: Good morning president.
President: We take off in 5 minutes, get on the plane.

1 hour later:

President: Adam and Wayne, i have to tell you something, i haven’t told you one thing, the mission is actually to kill Kim Jong Un, if we kill him, all this will end. He is a dictator, the people it isn’t free.
Wayne: What?! We are going to kill the president of a country?
Adam: If you say that, president, we must do it.
President: You will stay 1 day in Tokyo before going to Pyongyang.
Wayne: But all this day, we can do whatever we want?.

President: We will arrive to the airport in 8 hours.
Adam and Wayne went to sleep for 5 hours.

8 hours later

Wayne:We have arrived to the airport come on get up Adam!
Adam:What is wrong with you mate?
Wayne:We aren’t here for vacations, we must prepare the plan to kill Kim Jong Un and present it to the G9 conference.
Adam:Okey, let’s do it!

Adam and Wayne alone at their hotel 1 hour later:

Waiter:Do you want to get something more?
Wayne:No no, we are okey thanks you.Adam, i have been thinking about this plan and after hours of reflexing it, i think that we must go to North Korea and kill Kim Jong un while he is making his speech to the citizens.
Adam: Ohhh that sounds amazing!!We will take advantage of the speech to kill him from the down of the stage.
Wayne:However, what will be the weapon?
Adam:Maybe we can use the VX agent, it is a really nice bacterium developed in some laboratories of USA.Although it was used to kill his brother.
Wayne:But…how can we get to use the bacterium without them don´t see us?
Adam:We can make traps inside his dressing room,like infected clothes or something else.
Wayne:Ok..we have to think how to stick into his dressing room….Do you have a plan?
Adam:Uhm..maybe just we have to go hours before the speech or the night before to put all us traps and he must asphyxiate!
Wayne: Sounds nice but, how we are going to put the VX on his clothes? Do you think that they are stupid?
I have my pistol, it’s a five seven. I can kill him if the VX fails. But i’m not sure if i could be near to them to have a safe shoot. He will be protected by a lot of security and if i fail, i will die.
Adam: Don’t be scared. The VX will kill him.

The next day: 6:00 a.m

Adam: Wayne come on, the plane is waiting for us in the airport.
Wayne: Wait a minute for me to get dressed.

Adam sits on the bed

Wayne: Please Adam, bring me my clothes, there are in my bed.
Adam: Here are your clothes.
Wayne: Thank you. We have all already for the mission?? The VX is ready??
Adam: Everything already. Let’s go to the airport

1 Hour later in the terminal T6 of Haneda Airport in Tokyo.

Adam: Come on wayne!!! We lose the plane!!
Wayne: Don’t run, we arrive at the correct hour.
Adam: Come on!!

1:30 Hour later:

Wayne: Is the time Adam, we must kill that crazy man and stop all this.
Adam: Yes, let’s do it, the speech will be in the town square. Near to the communist of his father at 10:00 a.m, we have time to plan the mission…
I will try to put the VX in one of his personal things. If the plan fails. You must cover me and kill him with your gun.
Wayne: Fine, looks nice.

9:55 a.m
Wayne: Is the moment Adam, we must do this.
Adam: It is all full of security Wayne… I don’t know if i can do this.
Wayne: Yes you can! We can!

Adam looks scared and he is about to kill him.
Adam: Stay here wayne. I will try to kill him with the VX, i will send you a sms if I fail.
Wayne: Okay dude.

5 minutes after, Adam is in the backstage, and he must kill the president.

Adam SMS: I can’t kill him, there are security guards everywhere. I need you to kill him with your gun….. when you shoot, run, i will try to distract the security.
Wayne SMS: I will do it.

Wayne aim with the gun and he hold on the breath…. He has the president in the peephole.  

But he collapses to the ground and he dies.




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