The uncertain murder


Hello, my name is Jeffrey. Few years ago, I had a truly bad experience. Everything started by the moment I woke up, then, I went to my sister’s room but, surprisingly, she wasn’t there. I thought that she wasn’t because she had just gone out the night before.


Consequently, she would have stayed in a friend’s house. After I asked to my parents and they didn’t know anything neither. I went out and I ran into their friends, who told me that my sister had gone to my house last night. Unfortunately, I started to think the worst. She might have been kidnapped.


As soon as I arrived to my house, I saw a note in the mailbox which said that if I didn’t give him £50000, my sister would be killed, so I realised that someone had kidnapped my sister. But when I took my phone, I saw a message from my sister from the location she was, so I made up my mind and  I rushed into the decision of finding out my sister.


I had the pressure of not letting her down, because if I failed she would be killed. I team up with my friend Paul, because he was keen on turning out in this mission.


When we arrived to the place, we saw the kidnapper. My friend, stayed hidden at the car, so I left to give the kidnapper the money which he wanted. It was, obviously, fake money.


When I gave it to the kidnapper, he realised that this was fake, so he pointed me with his gun. In that moment, surprisingly my friend shouted him with a gun which he had without telling me anything, so we tried to rescue  my sister and ran away as fast as we could.


Fortunately we ended up in our houses, happily. But it wasn’t the end, because we hadn’t found my sister, she was hidden in another place.


We thought the kidnapper had died. At least, my friend was sure about that. He kept telling me to come back home before something worse could happen. We didn’t have any evidence from my sister, so we were still worried about her.


My parents weren’t at home, they had left hours ago so I was home alone. Suddenly my phone rang, while I was thinking about this morning. My mother was calling me, I didn’t want to tell her  anything about what had happened. My voice was shaking  and I doubted for some seconds about what to do. I encouraged and I picked up the phone:


—Hello, Perry— said mum.

—He…He…Hello mum— I was very nervous.

—I need to talk with your sister.

—Oh mum, she’s not here at the moment, I’m sorry.

—Why? She must be there! I talked with her yesterday and she told me that she was going to rest at home because she had to study. I don’t like when she’s out for hours.

—I know mum, can I talk with dad?

—He’s not here, I thought you both left together.

—Well, I’ll look for him. I’ll call you later. Bye.


In that moment, I got very nervous. I started relating everything, what would happen if these two facts were connected?


I went to the hall of my house and I saw my father’s car keys, so I thought that he mustn’t have gone far away. In that moment I found one button of my father’s jacket. I kept it in my pocket to give it to him once I see him again.


I thought about the options I had at that moment: I could call mum again and tell her the truth or going into Paul’s house and make a plan to rescue my sister. I chose the second one, but he wasn’t there, so I decided to go to the last place where I saw my sister’s kidnapper.


Unfortunately, there was absolutely nothing there, so I decided to go for a walk to find any evidence that could help me finding my sister.


After some minutes going around, I got very tired and I just wanted everything to end and come back home again with my sister. When I decided to leave that place I heard someone shouting at me. It was a policeman.


I was literally alone in that place, so I was a bit scared because of what he could tell me. I approached.


— Good morning, boy. What are you doing here alone? — I was really nervous at that moment, so I didn’t tell the truth to the policeman.

— I was about to meet a friend but he didn’t come.

— Oh okay, boy, it’s better for you if you leave this place. There has been a crime, so you can’t stay here.


I got really nervous at that moment and my head was going to explode. I went home, trying to relax and have a rest.


When I arrived to my home, there was also a police car in front of my house. I came back and I saw my mother crying. I didn’t know what was going on. I supposed the worst option.


After two hours, my mother explained me everything. My sister had been murdered and she had been left in that place, alone. I got so sad and I had too many feelings in my head.


I was only with my mum at home. The last time I saw my father was that day, at the beginning of the morning.


The policeman showed us a list of evidence they thought, talking with the people and also what they had found in the place of the crime. They had talked with my mother, Jeffrey and me, as we all had been with my sister the night before.


— Okay —said the policeman— we have found three objects in the place of the crime, which could be useful for the investigation. The first of them is the victim’s mobile phone. We have registered the calls history, and the last person she phone was Paul. We can only hear the victim’s voice. She mentioned the words “alone”, “place” and “money”.


Then we found two other objects in the place: the first of them is your watch. The last object was found in the victim’s pocket. It’s a piece of fabric from a jacket…


  1. Paul
  2. The victim’s father
  3. Jeffrey


Written by Inés de León, Francisco Mazuelos and Jaime Bartel.


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