The day they found Mrs. Clayn it was a rainy day, the sun hadn’t shone. When the maid arrived at the house, she saw the puddle of blood in the floor, that was around Amanda Clayn’s lifeless body.

Shaking, she called the police, to tell them what happened and ask for help. Two hours later, the house was infested by journalists and police officers. Detective Esposito started to investigate the cause.

During the husband’s declaration, Mr. Clayn didn’t show any type of sadness for his wife’s death, just fury and anger. Still, he didn’t want to say anything or justify his notable anger.

When the interrogation had finished, they returned to the waiting room, where the detective noticed the huge tension between the two siblings, the son and the daughter of Mrs. Clayn: Veronica and Michael.

As soon as the interrogation began, Detective Esposito noticed the difference between the siblings, Veronica, just like her father, didn’t show any emotion at her mother’s death, on the other side, Michael was devastated. When the detective looked even closer, he saw the physical difference, she was blonde and with sharp facial expressions like her father, and her brother had intense red curly hair.

After the detective asked what had they done the night of their mother’s death, Veronica touched the subject of the heritage, saying that it hasn’t fair that her brother was going to receive all of it, just because he has her mother’s favourite.

When all ended, Michael stayed to talk with the detective, and he confessed that he thought that maybe Veronica had killed their mother because of the resentment she felt.

In the Clayn’s mansion, the crime scene, the police officers had found some evidence, like a few blonde hairs or partial digital impressions.

The detective had also asked the husband and the two kids for their DNA, so the lab could analyze them.

Two days after, even though the detective was still investigating, he hadn’t any conclusions.

That same morning, arrived in the police department a man that was asking for Amanda Clayn. Because it was a cause that wasn’t solved, the detective was not allowed to give any possible detail of what had happened.

Hours later, Mrs. Thommas arrived at the detective office saying that she had information about the murder of Mrs. Clayn. After some time talking, detective Esposito came to the conclusion that the man that had asked for Mrs. Clayn was her lover. Plus, Mrs. Thommas tried to make the detective believe that Mr. Clayn could be the assassin of Mrs. Clayn, his wife, since he realized that Mrs. Clayn was cheating on him days before the crime was committed.

Quickly, the detective called Mr. Clayn to ask him to come to the police department. Once in the interrogation room, he told Mr. Clayn about Mrs. Thommas and her story. He defended himself by telling the detective that it was true that he knew about his wife’s infidelity, but he had pardoned her. He even said that the killer was Mrs. Thommas, because her freakish obsession with their family and because she was the one that told him about his wife and her lover, Mr. Thommas, Mrs. Thommas husband. The detective thought that perhaps the murderer was her because of her jealousy.

Detective Esposito, confused, went to Mrs. Thommas office to tell her the conversation between Mr. Clayn and himself. She asked her about the obsession with the Clayn’s family and she denied all of it and when the detective talked about her husband’s infidelity, she got really nervous and suddenly started crying. Mrs. Thommas admitted that it bothered her a lot and that she hated Mrs. Clayn, but she wouldn’t have been able to kill her. She also said that one day she had listened Mrs. Clayn argue really badly in the backyard about the heritage and Michael being the favourite. She confessed that between Veronica and her mother there had been a really bad relationship.

Detective Esposito had three different suspects: Mr. Clayn, the husband, Mrs. Thommas, the wife of Mrs. Clayn’s lover, and Veronica, her daughter. He hadn’t talked yet with the daughter, but he has hoping that she had information that could help solving the cause.

In the beginning of the interrogation, the detective saw that Veronica was nervous and her voice has shaking. He started to mention about the arguments that she had with her mother and with her brother. He also talked about Mrs. Thommas. She told the detective that she argue a lot, pero she said that it was because of her mother’s favoritism. The man asked why and Veronica began crying. When she calmed down, she confessed that she knew not long ago, that Michael wasn’t Mr. Clayn’s son, he was Mr. Thommas’ son, but she hadn’t told anyone because she didn’t her father to know so he could be upset.

The very next day, when detective Esposito looked at the blank where he had all the case information and all the suspects, he found a very important evidence that he hadn’t seen before: in Mrs. Clayn purse there was a ring box, pero there was no ring at all, neither in her fingers, neither in her purse.

The detective went to the jewelry store where the ring has bought, and the man that was working there described perfectly Mr. Thommas.

When he arrived in the police department, the found out that Mr. Thomas was waiting for him. After some time talking with the detective, Mr. Thommas confessed that asked Mrs. Clayn is the would marry him, since she intended to get divorced, so she said she would. That made him remember that in Mrs. Clayn body there were marks in her finger because someone took it from her.

Just in that moments the DNA tests founded in the crime scene arrived.


  1. The murderer was Mr. Clayn, jealous of the relationship between her wife and her lover, Mr. Thommas and because of their future divorce?
  2. The murdered was Mrs. Thommas who was obsessed and angry with that family because her husband infidelity with Mr. Clayn?
  3. The murderer was Veronica, Mrs. Clayn daughter, who was jealous of her mother’s relationship with her brother, who was Mr. Thommas son, and angry at their parents divorce?



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