The party of the unexpected end. 1

5 A.M. All Saints ‘ Day in the town of Dundee, Scotland. 1

6 A.M. The same morning 2

Half an hour later 2

7 A.M. In the salon. 4

Who is the murder? 4


The party of the unexpected end.


5 A.M. All Saints ‘ Day in the town of Dundee, Scotland.


I have woke up in an environment with a foul smell. Apart from all the alcoholic drinks that we had consumed at the party of the previous day, I don’t remember anything that could create that smell.


It was the bedroom of Michel, located on the second floor, as I raised the view I thought «How can a little person have a huge room?». Because of the dark, I couldn’t see the room very well.


Honestly I was lazy to get up so i tried to sleep, but that smell made me remind something that I had experienced before.


I decided to get up to find out the raise of that smell, when half an hour later I found a blackened red spot between sheets. I went to see what was inside and i discovered that it was a spot with the high of a human body. Finalement it was that someone or one of our «friends» had left a little gift after the party. It was a mix of red vodka and rum with cola.


I was fed up with a huge headache so I just threw the sheets by the window. The smell didn’t disappear but i went to bed again.


6 A.M. The same morning


A hardly scream was heard from the bottom of the house, a scream that could have woken all the village, even though being 10 kilometres from this. It seemed to be Cristine who was crying, shouting and running making circles in the living room. I opened the door of the living room and Christine told me:

   -Michael, Michael is die!!!!!


I held my breath and I turned the cold body of Michel. Poor Michel had died the day of all the saints. At my age of 18 I would never believe that he had been dyed with that early age. I didn’t have enough courage and I started crying disconsolately when I saw my friend Michael lying on the floor. Soon his two friends, Gonzalo and Manuel, appeared. I was only able to go to the room and start thinking about what had happened.


Half an hour later


During this half-hour I was thinking that it would be impossible to call the authorities until the next day, because there wasn’t coverage or daylight until 9 am.


  -Christine: Open the door!!!!


After a conversation with Christine, we all started investigating the case. Soon we discovered that Michel had no signs of violence and with our little medical knowledges we didn’t know what can we do more. Our decision was to find clues on every part of the house discovering what had happened. We started in the hallway of the ground floor, where we could observe any marks apparently painted by a bad painter. Apart from blood marks in direction of the salon there weren’t any more clues.


As soon as the gaze looked, someone could seen a shelf which was moved of its place.


  -Gonzalo: Clearly this shelf was broken by the high moves that occurred       between Michael and the murderer.


  -Manuel: I would not give more importance because this shelf could have been broken when we did the party.


This comment seemed suspicious on the part of Gonzalo and Manuel, people who did not have much confidence with me. Especially with Gonzalo.

Gonzalo had been deceived by his girlfriend by having put the horns with Michael.

Besides, Manuel stayed at my aunt’s house for doing a favour for our friend Juan, who was in the village Hotel because there weren’t enough beds in the house.


Later we ended up in the victim’s room that was on top of the living room. This room was apparently very untidy and it had a lot of sheets throwing on the ground. This room was especially humid because it was previously part of the attic, but it was reformed in the year 1990. The reform it wasn’t very worked because when it’s raining or snowing, water is filtered.


We started to find out his personal objects but every was normally.


  -Christine: It’s strange. The bed is full of vomit and white foam.

  -Gonzalo: It seems that Michael had drunk a lot of alcohol.

This was very uncommon in him because he was against drinking, and he only drank on special occasions or parties.


Finally, we finished in my bedroom where i sleep with my girlfriend Christine.


In this room there was one thing that we have to emphasize was the lock that had been forced and was broken. Even the wood of the door had been cracked.

We also began to observe the outside of the House. I had only gone twice in my life and the house was in a very bad state, so it was very difficult to see evidences.


The way to access from the ground floor to the top was by stairs that had been used years ago to go down the clothes to the bathroom next to our room, in which was the laundry. This staircase connected the bathroom with the living room upstairs, which connect with the two rooms.


7 A.M. In the salon.


Now came the moment in which everyone would start asking questions to others. That streak of questions started with Manuel, who had with us less confidence.


  -Christine: Why Manuel, why did you do that?

  -Manuel: I never will do something like that. In addition I meet him since  two weeks, and because that i haven’t got any raise to kill him.

  -Manuel: And what do you say Gonzalo?

  -Gonzalo: Oh, if i had to say who the murder is, i could be sure it is Manuel. The  comment he said about the shelf, is very silly!!


Who is the murder?





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